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Bahati finally meets stepmom years after she called him a devil worshiper

Bahati’s reality TV show has been on a roll the past month with a lot of revelations that shed some light on the musician. Just a few days after he claimed that his stepmom had called him a devil worshipper, Bahati has finally met his brother Benja after many years of no contact.

In the latest episode of his TV show, Bahati Reality, the singer shared details of their journey to meet his brother in Yatta. According to him, he last met the teenager who is now 15-years old during their dad’s burial.

Bahati seating on a chair
Bahati seating on a chair

In the video, the singer and his entourage are welcomed in his stepmom’s home where he got the opportunity to meet and chat with his brother. “Come sit next to me. You have really grown big,” How old are you?” asks Bahati.

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Forgiveness and moving on

And as if the past was but a memory the singer and his stepmom had a conversation about the struggles his brother went through in school. In return, “I have brought you my wife and you should also visit to see the children. We shall plan you come to Nairobi. In 2020, God has taught me the importance of forgiveness,” said Bahati.

Bahati looking dapper
The artiste looking dapper

The singer had revealed in another episode that his stepmother had called him a devil-worshipper because of the early success he had had when he started out in his music career.

According to the artiste, she couldn’t understand how he kept in changing cars when he went to visit her in her home-even though they were all rentals at the time, something she didn’t know.

So from that time he had decided to cut ties with her and his step-brother.

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