Diana Marua with Bahati

Groove Awards kicked me out for dating Diana Marua-Bahati

Singer Bahati says his wife Diana Marua is the reason he was kicked out of annual gospel awards Groove. The “Mama” singer made the claim in a lengthy post that he made on his Instagram page.

In the post, Bahati said that he met Diana and made her his girlfriend within five weeks of seeing each other. “In 5 Weeks of Meeting this Girl I Proclaimed her to be Mine; it Was Só Weird Juu Siku Nilimuambia Tuna Date ata Yeye alishtuka…” he began.

He said that the decision to wife her up was made 5 months later, and that is when he introduced her to the world as his ‘prayer partner’, a term that became popular back then.

“In 5 Months of Our Dating I requested to Meet her Parents to ask for their Blessings Because I was Ready to Marry her. In Only 5 Months??? But Yeaaa Why Wait Forever if Your Know She’s the One??? 😉.”

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He says soon after making the announcement, his relationship with Groove awards panelists was dented.

“I Remember this is When I announced her as My Prayer Partner Something that Led to my ‘Kicking Out of Groove Awards by the So-Called Panel’ 😢 Story for another day 🙂.”

And what lesson would he love his generation to learn from him?

“In 5 Words I’d Like to Teach My Generation One Great Lesson About Love- Life 🙂 DONT WAIT FOR SO LONG!!! Yes Because Time is Not Waiting for You so if You Can get into that Relationship/ Marriage Do it Right away Hizo Lessons zingine Utashikia Mbele.”

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