‘Ilianza na kadouble tap’ Bahati and Diana Marua reveal how they met

Celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua recently opened up on how they met and who approached the other first and it is such an interesting encounter.

During an interview heard by Classic 105,  the couple also opened up on what attracted them to each other with Diana saying that Bahati’s joking nature is what attracted him to her.

How do you deal with Bahati given that he never takes anything seriously?

“To be frank he is a joker but he is the person I chose, he was a joker even before and that is one thing I loved about him.

On whether she was a slay queen before meeting Bahati, she says

“I wouldn’t put myself in the slay queen category if one decides to call me a slay queen or a socialite that’s up to you. I was a marketer working for a local firm.”

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Where did you meet Bahati?

“Our first encounter was a day before the ‘Mapenzi’ video shoot, I first liked his photos on social media and I double tapped.

He also double tapped on two of my photos and that’s how we started.

Later after the double tapping incident someone called me asking if I wanted to be in a gospel video shoot I did actually did not know it was Bahati’s video,I said yes.”

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Bahati says;

“A day before the shoot I asked if I could drop her home and that’s how it started.”

On what she loves about Bahati she says;

“I was dating other men but I left all of them for Bahati, He is very true and real about himself, His personality is also very appealing.”

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