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‘Don’t strain your child to get likes on instagram’Fans blast Bahati for over exposing their child just for attention

Diana Marua and her bae Bahati are currently having the time of their life in South Africa, in celebration of Diana Marua’s birthday.

She wrote in one of her posts,

‘Coz it’s still my birthday month baaaabbbyyyy!!!!…. The best part is my baby @HeavenBahati gets to travel with mommy to see this other side of life 😍 Thank you my Darling @BahatiKenya❤ you are a Diamond…. Can we take off already 💃💃💃💃#Birthdayvacation.”



Most of their fan’s are drooling over their photos and low key envious for the good time they are having.

However most of their fans are not happy and seem to express their anger over a photo Diana posted up of the couple holding Baby Heaven by her hands hanging between them.

Diana Murua & bahati in south africa

I paid my own dowry and my husband still dumped me after losing my leg

She captioned;

We out here creating memories..”

@princespuriy- Woooi aki heaven anaumia

@eunyce_l- Ooh no ,how old is that baby again ? Don’t strain your child just coz you want to pose and get likes on instagram woye,she is still tender n soft .Give her some break please please .Social media is fucked up !

@emutheu.emlq- Wooiye mtu aambie hawa watoto wanaumuza Mtoto, kwani mtoto ni paperbag, ati shika huku na mimi nishike huku…. nkt

@wasoi- Weh ata kama ni kuslay.Baby could hurt pls be mindful

@pelinah.weku- 😭😭why hold the baby like that

@gitaumoreen_ my ovaries hurt when I see this

@divina_dee- Mtaumiza Heaven

You guys sikuile mtabaki na mkono za mtoto mniulize


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