Bahati accused of conning a music promoter of almost Sh500,000

Bahati is currently dealing with some bad publicity.

Almost a week after Mr Seed left the EMB label, someone has accused Bahati of conning him.

A music promoter who goes by the names of Clay Onyango contacted us expressing his worrying story that concerns the “Mama”hit-maker.

Kenyan celebs who’ve been accused of conning people

He explained that the two were to get into a partnership before Bahati turned against him.

“Hi guys, my name is Clay Onyango a Music promoter in Sweden. I also have a story about Bahati that l want to share. Some 2 years ago we agreed in going into partnership between my label World Music Promoters and EMB, so we agreed to build a Studio in Membley in a mansion he got. I paid the deposit and l started investing money in building the studio. When the studio was complete Bahati moved in and started working while also recording some artists.

So one day he calls me and he is like, l understand u Are going around telling people that This studio is yours, l Don’t think l wonna Work With you. Calculate how much money u have invested and send Me your account Nbr. I did that and it has been one year now. The amount is almost 500 K and Bahati does not respond to my calls. Am sending u some photos of the studio and some photos of Me packing some of my stuff from the studio.”


Clay sent photos of him supposedly taking away his goods from the the studios. The photos are below:

Clay at the studios

Clay at the studios
Clay at the studios

Clay at the studios
Clay at the studios

Clay at the studios
Clay at the studios

Clay at the studios

Clay, who is currently in Sweden, was so frustrated with the singer that he even reported him to the DCI Industrial Area. The OB number is 271-79 2018. He even sent us screenshots of his conversations with the star artiste.

Below are some of the screenshots

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-05 at 13.04.46 (1)

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-05 at 13.04.46

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-05 at 13.04.45 (1)

Attempts to reach Bahati for comment were unsuccessful, as he refused to respond to our calls and WhatsApp message.

This is not the first time Bahati is been accused of fraud by a business-man. Benson Thuranira reported that “he had been defrauded off Sh200,000 by Kevin Bahati Kioko under false pretenses that he would get premises under which they would both operate a business”.

Thuranira even went as far as to write a letter to the DPP. How will this turn out for the singer.

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