Baha’s gf Georgina on why their baby came 7 weeks early

Machachari actor, Tyler Mbaya, has revealed their daughter was born at 33 weeks instead of the normal 40 weeks.

This was after his girlfriend Georgina went into labor during Baha’s birthday photoshoot.

Sharing her experience via her YouTube channel, Georgina shared,

We thought we were having false labor only to be told that I was 8cm dilated. We had gone for Baha’s birthday photoshoot. I later noticed my mucus plug had fallen off and it was bloody. We had been given bed rest but I decided to come to the hospital and confirm, we did not want to take a risk.”

Georgina says she hopes her child will grow up healthy despite her coming early.

“When we called the doctor he insisted that we go to the hospital. We were very shocked as it is something we had not experienced before. June 23rd, so the baby came early by a month and 2 weeks. We did not have any baby clothes as we came directly to the hospital after we left Baha’s photo shoot.”

During a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, the 21-year-old lass answered several questions from her fans. One fan asked what was the one thing Georgina had earned since moving in with Baha.

And how do the couple deal with their disagreements?

“Arguments are there and they are about the prettiest things ever most of the time. But always find a solution the number of times I packed my clothes when we started living together but alikuwa anamake sure sjaenda (he would make sure I don’t leave).”

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