Tyler Mbaya aka Baha

…the thugs would chop my fingers! Baha of Machachari reveals!(exclusive)

Tyler Mbaya or as many of you know him, Baha of Machachari, spoke to us this week after the end of the show that made him famous, Machachari.

The man spoke and explained that he got the opportunity to act on the show after his mom convinced him to audition. At that time Baha had just finished acting on Makutano Junction, another popular television show during that period.

Machachari Crew
Baha of Machachari in a past photo

He related that the worst experience he ever had during the show’s run was when he was on a trip from Kangemi. He said that he entered a mat and later on between 20-30 boys entered from the Sodom stage.

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‘Those boys spotted me. Long story short is it ended up with me being robbed. It was so bad that one of the robbers warned me that he would chop off my fingers if I continued resisting!’ the actor shockingly said.


He added, ‘I reported the case to the cops but they refused to follow up, something that I still don’t understand today.’

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He also revealed the best memories during the period he acted on the show saying, ‘My best memories were the ones I had between 2010 and 2013 during the beginning of the show and the places that I was able to go to and the things that I saw.’

Machachari Crew
Machachari Crew in the past

After those glory years, the actor said that losing his mother in 2013 and his father in 2016 was tough for him and hadn’t been as good as before.

He explained that acting through the losses of his parents was also a hard experience but that he had to endure and push through to give out a quality product on screen. ‘At the end of the day, I am an entertainer and I have to bring a smile to my viewer, irrespective of what is going on in my life,’ he added.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha
Tyler Mbaya aka Baha

Baha also noted that he had learnt some valuable lessons when on set. One of those was how to deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds and working with them despite those differences.

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