Mike Mondo and his bae

Bae Alert? Mike Mondo shares heart-warming photos of bae (Evidence)

Mike Mondo seems to have set the agenda for 2019 by introducing us to the woman we think has won his heart.

Many have often wondered who is the mysterious woman behind Mike Mondo’s life after all don’t they say

“Behind every successful man there must be a woman “

We might have the answer to that. In a recent post, he wittily captioned a photo of him and some beautiful lady and it got us wondering might she be the one?

“If your parents have never taken this picture… You weren’t born in the 80’s.. 😂😂😂.. merry Christmas! And cheers to the freakin week!!!”

He does not hide the fact that he enjoys being a dad to his daughter but he is more keen on keeping his relationships private.

The raw emotions on this photo, the simple way she lays her head on his shoulder makes us feel she is at ‘home’ literally.

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Mike Mondo

In a separate post he had also shared a photo of him and the damsel below

“Merry Christmas! We all get moments this year we appreciate. This is one of mine. Love each other, embrace your family, forgive your enemies. Remember, God has a plan, a purpose, for you to perform. Happy 2019.”

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Mike Mondo

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