‘I was a bad girl…’ Gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru narrates growing up in poverty

Gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru is one of the top gospel musicians the country has.

She is a worship leader music director, songwriter, hostess of the annual event “Praise Atmosphere” and co-founder of Bwenieve production.

She is best known for her hit songs “Mungu Mkuu”, “Celebrate”, “Jehovah Elohim”, “Waweza,” “Hossana,” “Nikufahamu” and “Tulia.”

Well litle is known about her childhood.

Evelyn came from a humble background and grew up in Nakuru.

She says her mom did all she could to raise and her other siblings. It was not easy.

“It was tough for my mum. She sold charcoal and become a househelp for her classmate so that she could raise us,” she said in a live conversation with Mercy Masika last night.

Evelyn added that it was even tougher after their dad died.

She recounts playing gambling games called ‘Simbi’ to get money.

“You know those games that would make you steal. I have been a bad girl but my mum could not do anything. I stayed home for two years without going to school.”

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Evelyn Wanjiru with her husband

They had to repeat classes for staying away from school.
“I hear people saying they have never gone hungry and I wonder because to us it was a norm. Going to bed without food, it was normal. In school, my deskmate used to give me some, and I made sure I was friends with the cooks. I think I should do a documentary about my life,” she said.

Somehow one of her worship leaders paid her school fees and that is how she managed.

Evelyn and Eunice Njeri have a new song titled ‘Worthy’.

“We are the foundation of building a great Africa,” she said hoping to inspire someone with the song.

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