Babys photo looking angrily at doctors after birth goes viral


A picture of a baby delivered via c section and staring moodily at the doctor has gone viral.

Literally everyone says they can relate to the mood of the upset baby, who seems to already hate it on earth.

The person who shared the photo is credited as Rodrigo Kunstmann

“Ya’ll better put me back. Right now.” 😭😂

She was happy and warm. Now she’s not. I’d be pissed too.

This face is what nightmares are made of. Yikes

He probably knows where he came from, and the real deal about this life thing, for a brief moment before the memory is yesteryear is wiped away!😂🤣

I can understand you baby. Who would be happy to be born in this crazy world? I wish I could be back to my mom’s uterus. 🤣

He is thinking “ u telling me I have to study and work hard for food ??? I was getting that for free inside my mommy’s tummy…. I ain’t doin it” 😂😂

Looks like this precious baby is thinking “Really? I was happy where I was” lol so cute 😂

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