Baby shower gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit with mom-to-be

We are heading into the weekend and many of us are likely to be attending a baby shower. Do you ever stress over what to buy the mom-to-be?

Below is a list of gifts that should not miss in a baby shower;

Tokeo la picha la baby shower gifts


Gifts from the heart. This are the kind of gifts that are either made by ones hands or passed on from one person to another. One can decide to crotchet a sweater for the baby with their name on it. This shows that one took their time to make the same cloth with passion. They may also include gifts that were once given hence are being passed on from generation to generation. This may include toys that were once passed as gifts and they help to keep a good connection between the people who will share that particular gift.

Tokeo la picha la crocheted baby blanket

Gifts for the mother. Often times people get excited about the baby and forget that the mother also needs some treats. Things such as babysitting, helping with housework or preparing nice meals are good idea.

They are usually tired or rather exhausted hence need some help. Pregnancy and feeding pillows are important too after the baby is born.

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Books for mummy and baby books. This is especially more important for first time mothers. Books on baby related content will come in handy. Story books are also not a bad idea.

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Baby clothes. Buy clothes for the different stages of growth. Also pay attention to nice colors and gender of the baby.

This includes baby nappies, blankets baby bedding.

Tokeo la picha la baby clothes

Foods. When the baby is born the mother is normally weak hence will take much time for her to gain strength. The foods should be able to last at least a month to enable the mother to gain stability to work on their own. Remember to also include baby foods on the shopping list and fruits and vegetables are essential to a baby shower.

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