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Baby number three? Willy Paul introduces another baby on his social media

Controversial singer Willy Paul has started the year on a high notch after welcoming another baby.

Sharing the good news on his Instagram page, Pozze welcomed the little one to the world.
He also revealed that the names of his baby girl is Sonya Wilsovna.

It is not clear whether this is the same baby he had shared in late December last year and if both Willy Pozze’s children are of the same baby mama.

If it is a different baby, then Willy Paul will be a father of three children.

Check out the post he shared;

‘2021 is already good to me.. I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. always know that daddy loves you so so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you.. ill be your superman… you have won my heart my love.
May the Lord keep you safe and sound take you to places no one’s been before.
Welcome to our world. Mummy and Daddy LOVEEEE YOU TOOO MUCH!!!

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Willy Paul’s baby girl

In a past interview, Willy Paul spoke of the real reason why he barely posts his son’s photos and why he hasn’t opened a social media channel for him like several other celebrities.

To this, Willy Pozze stated that he respects his child’s privacy and wouldn’t make decisions which his son would not be comfortable with in the future.

“Niko na mtoi. Mtoto ni wa kiume anaitwa King Damian jina lake la kwanza. Huyo ashakuwa star already. Ni venye sinanga time ya petty fame because hauko sure huyu mtoto akigrow kama hio ndio lifestyle anataka kama anataka kuwa famous kama wewe ama maybe ni msee anataka akigrow akuwe na private life yake,” Willy Paul said.

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