Kidum holding his new-born

Baby number 7! Singer Kidum welcomes new son ‘Kajiado’

Kibido Kibido has been blessed with baby number seven.

The ‘Mapenzi’ singer and his third wife have welcomed a son whom they named, Kidum Junior aka ‘Kajiado’.

Kidum and his wife
Kidum with his wife

The musician shared the information on his social media page that this was his second child with her, unlike what most had initially thought.

He wrote on his Instagram page that;

Sometimes I laugh when I read news about me ! This Kidum junior aka Kajiado is not her first born jamani ! I have a daughter with her called Nicole . It is true I have now seven children in total but two with this now my wife . Hahahahaha nabado !!!!!

Kidum with his pregnant wife
The singer with his pregnant wife last month

Fans and friends were quick to congratulate the singer. Some of the comments are below;
nimohsesh; Congratulations to both of you. Mugure job well done my sister.

adrian.h.stepp; piga kazi mpaka wafike 11 baba la baba ufungue Kidumu sports academy!

fassie_lady; Watoto baraka mzee mshukuru mungus

kg_godschosen; Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife

Kidum left his fans in awe when he first decided to show off his heavily pregnant wife on May, 24 2019 and now all can witness the blessing the two have.

Why did the singer give his son the name of a Kenyan county? Because Kidum Junior was born while the artiste was performing at a show in Kajiado. After he learnt of the birth, he finished the show and immediately went to see his wife and the new-born in hospital.

Kidum at a concert in Kajiado
Kidum at the concert in Kajiado

And he will not be the first celebrity to give their child an interesting name. Former ‘My Name Is Earl’ star Jason Lee famously named his first-born and son Pilot Inspektor Lee!


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