Baby News: Diamond reveals girlfriend is 7 months pregnant

Tanasha Donna has finally announced she is expecting a baby after trying to hide her pregnancy.

On the 7th of July, she turned 24. Her boyfriend decided to organize a big party to celebrate the two queens – his mother, Sandra and Tanasha.

In a very classy party dubbed, 707 The Great Gatsby Diamond delivered a speech alongside his babe after cutting the cake where he made the announcement.

today I want officially state I am expecting a baby with my love Tanasha Donna. I want to put it out there because we have been hiding it and it is not good so today I have come out candidly to say we are 7 months pregnant. Two more months and will have our baby.

Diamond was so grateful for the people who took their time to attend the party. Especially those who came from different countries.

Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

I thank you all for coming from my fellow artistes to others in the Arts and entertainment industry. Even those from Kenya and other countries. We are a close-knit family.

Before leaving the stage, he made a joke saying a party cannot be over without gifts.

we can not say we have the party because us as Tanzanians have to complete a party with gifts. You just ant come for a function and leave just like that.

Tanasha Diamond Platnumz

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In the spirit of gifting, he decided to gift his queens with cars. Not just any car but white Toyota V8’s. They were wrapped in red ribbons and presented in front of all the guests.

Don’t we wish we had boyfriends like that?

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