Baby Mama Narrates How Singer Bahati CHEATED On Her And DUMPED Her When She Got Pregnant!

You’ve probably heard a lot of women using the phrase ‘Wanaume Ni Wale wale Tu!’ This is an understatement when we talk about controversial gospel singer Bahati.

Bahati introduced his daughter Mueni Bahati to the world last week. This was after his baby mama Kisha Yvette Obura took care of their baby for two good years – ALONE. During this time, we all knew Baha as this single yet ‘Holy’ gospel kid just to find out that he was practising pre-marital sex.

You can agree with me that the Nikumbushe singer is quit secretive. But then his baby mama Kisha told the Nairobian that the two were in a relationship with him for five good years, way before Bahati was a star.

She said;

“I started dating Bahati way before he became a celebrity in 2011 and we were in a serious relationship for five years. The relationship was good until when I got pregnant and things started changing.”


She continued to say;

“We did not expect the baby but I decided to keep it. That is when we started to grow apart and the relationship was no longer what it was. He cheated on me. I never aborted and I was never a groupie…”

From what she said, it seems Bahati never wanted to be responsible in the first place and now that the singer has a new lover Diana Marua, Keisha might not be getting back together with the star.

Talking about her daughter being on social media, Keshia further revealed to the Nairobian that she was pissed off with the fact that Marua, her competitor should stop posting her daughter’s pictures.

“Last weekend Bahati picked up Mueni as usual and said they were going for lunch only for me to learn later that my daughter was trending on social media. He never sought my consent. I want his friends and girlfriend Diana Marua to stop posting my daughter’s photos, it is disrespectful.”


Our efforts to reach Diana Marua and Bahati bore no fruits as our calls went unanswered.

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