Baby Fever? Vera Sidika ditches birth control revealing she is ready to be a mom

Socialite Vera Sidika has been missing from the public scene, considering she’s among the most controversial celebrities in the country.

She has also not been in the country for a while now, and is currently in Beverly Hills. This does not come as a shock as she’s always travelling.


Well, news just in is that Vera has finally removed her implant. Taking to social media, she shared with her fans that she’s now ready to have a baby with her bae. So there’s a bae after all or is it just mere talk?

Having my birth control implant removed today! Finally! After 1 Year. I hate periods omg. I’m so not looking forward to it,” one of her posts read.

In another post, she threw shade at people who claimed that she was pregnant.


She said, “They injected me earlier, so I’m numb, no pain at all. Oh, for y’all stupid people that claimed I was pregnant, here’s why I never got pregnant, but bae and I are ready now so gotta take it out now.”

She continued, “Can’t wait to shed off the weight that came with that implant. I had crazy appetite gosh! Ate after every three hours, lol.”

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