Babu Tale with his late wife

I still feel like I am in a dream – Babu Tale finally speaks after wife’s death

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Hamisi Tale Tale popularly known as Babu Tale was bereaved in June this year, losing the mother of his 3 kids.

Babu was inconsolable as he saw off his late wife, Shamsa Kombo Tale after her sudden demise. Diamond’s esteemed manager had kept his silence about her death, keeping his grief to himself.

Babu Tale with his late wife
Babu Tale with his late wife

The popular manager has finally spoken, 45 days after the death of the woman who gave him so many memories and joy.

He did so using his Instagram page where he shared a video of his wife enjoying herself and goofing around their living room as she walked away.

His caption was as touching as the reminder that the woman in the video was no more. He wrote, “RIP my wife 💔💔💔 Ni 45 days tangu umeniacha Mama TT nahisi bado nipo kwenye ndoto,” wrote Babu Tale.

His lovely post was met with a lot of support from his many fans and celeb friends. Some of those comments are below:

mbosso_ Daah Pole Sana Boss Tale ..Mwenyezi Mungu akupe nguvu Inshaallah 🙏

talliaoyando 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

aytanzania Pole sana ndugu yangu @babutale 🙏🏿🙏🏿

queendarleen_ 😔😔 Baba mungu akupe nguvu inshaallah 🙏

professorjaytz Daaah Pole sana ndugu yangu, Mungu aipumzishe Roho yake mahali pema, AMINA🙏


Babu Tale with his late wife, Shamsa Kombo
Babu Tale with his late wife, Shamsa Kombo

According to Abdu Tale, brother to babu tale shammy had first developed malaria before she developed breathing difficulties.

“She died between 12:00 and 12:30 am. she was in icu after throat constrictions, we got the news at 6:00 am on sunday. before her admission to the icu she had malaria, she also had ulcers, she was ok but her health deteriorated.”

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