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Babu Owino isn’t obligated to pay Dj Evolve’s hospital bill


Dj Evolve’s hospital bill is climbing and has almost reached Sh10million.

High Court Judge Luka Kimaru has reduced MP Babu Owino’s bond terms from Sh10m to Sh5m in case where he is accused of attempting to murder DJ Evolve.

Maina Kageni warns Babu Owino after he allegedly shot DJ Evolve

Kimaru says MP Babu Owino will only help settle DJ Evolve’s hospital bill as a moral obligation not as a court order.
B-Club after the Babu Owino incident
B-Club after the Babu Owino incident


“The accused person should continue paying the hospital bill as a moral duty to him, not as a court order…if he fails to pay it is up to him and his court,” Justice Kimaru said.

This news has upset Kenyans who have responded harshly in the comments below
Babu Owino is winning this, pole sana to Dj Evolve, the system doesn’t care about the poor you.

DJ Evolve’s father reveals scary new details about son’s health

JayFlag of KenyaFlag of Kenya..
They could have simply set him free to go and kill more Kenyans!

Babu Owino
Babu Owino

They should even offset all and award him several millions for error

Cindy Mpole..
What about #djevolve medical bill, has it been reduced too?

Dj Evolve’s mother cries out over rising medical bill 

Aricha Palesa Saya..
This is gonna be hard dude has zero morals.

Babu Owino's car
Babu Owino’s car

kimi kimachu..
One day the ground will open up and swallow up the evil, the rich will be so fat and appetizing and the poor will be so poor and hungry. This system won’t last forever. Soon our rage will get to a tipping point. We so stupid man, I don’t know if y’all feel the same.

Son of Emily..
As a moral order, then the DJ should sue him for attempted murder.

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