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‘Pay Dj Evolves bill’ KOT remind Babu Owino after pay cut offer


Dj Evolves medical bill keeps rising and last we heard, it was almost sh13million.

His parents have continued expressing frustration and fear at the outstanding bill. And here is where Babu Owino comes in.

Babu Owino is catching quite the flak on social media.

He tweeted how he will donate half his paycheck to help fight the spread of coronavirus. He is following in the footsteps of President Uhuru and DP Ruto who will take an 80 percent pay cut amid the pandemic.

B-Club after the Babu Owino incident
B-Club after the Babu Owino incident

He probably didn’t give it much thought because KOT were quick to remind him that the man he shot has a medical bill that still needs to be paid.

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The comments came fast and swift.

Lipia Dj Evolve Bill

Just pay for dj evolve the hospital bill achana na corona virus


Hopefully DJ Evolve’s Bill is also part of this. He is a vulnerable person especially during this pandemic.Thinking face

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Settle DJ Evolve hospital bill first before you open your wide mouth.

Babu Owino….Pray that DJ Evolve recovers well..and when He does PAY the Hospital BILL !

Dj Evolve
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Babu Owino is the 2nd on rank in terms of salary Deduction after President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto deducted 80% of their salary,he has followed by 50% of his salary to fight Coronavirus , remember he is till paying DJ Evolve’s hospital bill, VivaFlexed bicepsFlexed biceps

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So Babu Owino now wants to donate half of his salary badala ya kumalizia Dj Evolve… the gods are somewhere watching this……

The deejay
The deejay

Have you cleared Dj Evolve’s bill yet?

Channel your monies to DJ Evolve. Jack Ma got us.

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