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Babu Owino admits “I have done a lot of drugs, every brand of alcohol”


Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino says he has used all hard drugs in his life.

In a recent interview with Robert Alai on the ‘Audit’ show, Babu Owino said there is no drug he has not come across in his youthful life.

“In my life, there is nothing I haven’t consumed, I have consumed soft drugs, moderate drugs, and the hardest of the drugs,” he said.

“Bhang is a hard drug coz it can bring insanity when done in excess. I have also done cocaine, I have done heroin. I have done a lot of drugs, every brand of alcohol.

“But at least that was in my last life, this is my new life. And I do accept that when you are on those drugs, a lot can happen, you can make some decisions that are impaired. There is nothing that these drugs add to the body; instead, they can destroy all body organs.”babu-owino-11

The Embakasi East legislator said the drugs impaired his judgment and made him make wrong decisions.

“I have been taking alcohol. It’s only that now I don’t consume it because it made me have a lot of energy and I used it in the wrong way.”

In the interview, Babu Owino advocated the legalisation of traditional brew.

“For me, traditional brews should be embraced because you find that when we even go for traditional marriages, funerals, the drinks such as busaa, chang’aa and muratina bring people together.”

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