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Babies are not accessories- Kate Actress says after 4k teen pregnancies in Machakos

The recent announcement that Machakos County had a stunning 4000 teenage pregnancies during the Covid-19 lockdown has popular thespian Kate Actress in a huff.

Kate weighed in on the shocking news yesterday after the news made national headlines with the mother of two expressing her displeasure at the high number, stating that young girls should wait for the right time before getting kids.

Kate Actress in black and white
Kate Actress in black and white

Kate who isn’t a stranger to having a kid at a relatively young age urged parents and guardians to have candid conversations with their kids and emphasize the importance of waiting to get babies at the right time.

“My heart is completely broken 💔 the teenage pregnancies statistics reported earlier this week (if factual ) are shocking , we need to speak louder IT IS NOT OKAY , BABIES ARE NOT ACCESSORIES, YOUNG QUEENS PLEASE WAIT . YOUR TIME WILL COME . However Some of them are victims of rape and fallen pregnant as a result , 🤦🏽‍♀️, where is the law ?? We need to have this conversation with our sons too, it takes 2 to tangle, we must raise a better generation. This is heavy 😔 N/B did this video last year, it’s on YouTube” reads Kate actress post.

Kate Actress with the baby stroller
Kate Actress pushing her baby in the baby stroller

Her post touched a nerve with many Kenyans echoing her concerns. Some of those responses are below:

captainotoyo “I love love looooooove You. AND I respect You. This is as raw as it should get. 👌🏼100%✔”

theemwalimurachel “💯💯💯💯 heko dadaaa! Watafute PESAAAAAA”

massawejapanni “Nice one Kate👏👏Motherhood should be enjoyed”

Kate’s post came after shocking data was released by the Machakos Children’s department which painted a grim picture of the threat to girls education and their futures.

Kate Actress looking great
Kate Actress looking great

In March, similar concerns were raised in the coastal region, where it was reported that minors had suffered from abuse amid the ongoing pandemic.

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