‘Babe mbona sasa tulipe rent mbili’ Men expose lies women tell so as to move in together

Dear Kenyan women, you stand accused by men that you are trapping them into marriage by being manipulative.

What’s the craziest lie, you’ve ever heard a woman tell a man so that she can move in with him?

Maina Kageni who hosts the Morning show is still dumbfounded by Mwalimu Kingangi’s admission that men are victims of women’s evil plans.

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On the other hand Maina cannot understand why men are lured that easily.

Here’s what listeners had to say

“Take time before you move into his house, get to know him first, don’t rush take your time and make sure you are ready to settle with him.”

Couple out on a date
Couple out on a date

Another says

“Men are never ready ready for marriage but as women we know what we want so we go for it.”

Captain Kale adds that most men are forced into marriage

“There is no man who sits down and plans for marriage ,Never, most men who are marriage tulilazimishwa ama tukajipata kwa ndoa.”

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Another male fan gives the discussion some humor with his answer below

“It all starts with a sleep over graduates to a weekend stay then boom, they say ‘I am pregnant and can’t face my father, and just like you find yourself married.”

A female caller narrates her heart breaking experience after she moved in with her man after only a month.

“Nliona mtu anashika mshahara mzuri nikaona ni vizuri anioe, but his family rejected me from the word go.

Despite that my husband with whom I have three kids with encouraged me to hang around and hope his family’s attitude towards me  will change.

I had only known him for a month and then moved in with him, it is a decision I regret to date.”

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She adds

“I am planning on leaving him and the kids and start my life afresh. I am still young (30) so I think I can still find a man who will love me.

His family’s hatred towards me is real and whenever everything bad happens they always blame me .”

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