Jomo Kenyatta

BABA WA TAIFA! Check Out Rare Pics Of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta From Back In The Day [PHOTOS]

It is interesting to note that founding father Jomo Kenyatta never knew the exact year of his birth—only that he was born sometime in the 1890s.

While many of us were nowhere near being born by the time of his death, it is always good to take a trip down memory lane whether or not we were around. Can you even try to imagine the world that existed before we were birthed?

From Kenya to the UK, these pics portray a part of the life of a Kenyan legend. It is even said that sometimes, he would walk around the streets of London wearing a leopard skin and carrying a spear to demonstrate he was an authentic representative of those who had sent him before changing into a Western suit for meetings with journalists and sympathetic intellectuals.

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Check out some really awesome pics of Kenya’s founding father…

Jomo at 14

Abroad in the UK looking dapper. 


Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Mboya and Mwai Kibaki celebrate Kanu winning the 1963 election

Mchungaji mwenyewe!

Always camera ready

With Prince Charles. 

Kikuyu swag with Haile Selassie I


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