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‘The world was so cruel to an innocent soul like me’ Azziad reveals struggle after fame

Azziad Nasenya will have a 2020 that will be unlike most people in this Covid-19 affected world. Her star and brand has risen this year and at a rapid pace that has seen her Instagram presence increase at a phenomenal pace – she now has close to half a million followers.

Azziad became an overnight sensation after her TikTok video dancing to Femi One’s “Utawezana” song went viral. She is now hob-nobbing with stars like Pascal Tokodi and even gospel provocateur Ringtone.

Azziad Nasenya with Pascal Tokodi
Azziad Nasenya with Pascal Tokodi

While her life might have seen tremendous growth unlike most Kenyans, her experience becoming a celebrity instantaneously mirrors that of people who have done the same before her.

The 20-year-old revealed how hard it had been for her after she became so famous so fast. Using her Instagram pages, the star explained the names she had been abused with like “overrated”, “lacking talent”, “not up to the fight” as critics tried every means possible to see her give up on her dream, crumble and disappear in thin air.”

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“I have never been a quitter..not that I am perfect, no. I am still struggling to find my right path..but one thing I was taught is to always be a fighter…and I believe that has helped me achieve the little success that is coming my way.. ‘She is overrated’, they say, ‘She ain’t talented’, they add. ‘She will wear off’, some pray, and many more that I may not be able to quote…”

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All this saw her ¨cry herself to sleep…tossing and turning each night asking the Almighty what she had done to deserve all this¨ she said.

¨At only 19 seeking and asking how cruel the world could be against an innocent soul…¨ she continued.

But she isn’t a wilting flower and decided to buckle up against all the hate and use it to fuel her desire to succeed;

“…but after several days of darkness and blaming myself and doubt..I wiped the tears and decided that it’s time to work.
Those same words that were thrown my way gave me motivation to work Harder and God Gave me the strength to push even further.”

Azziad Nasenya smiling

As a conclusion, the budding actress was upbeat that her future held brighter things and encouraged her fans to follow their dreams;

“I have not gotten there but my journey just started😍🙏🏽 Your dreams are valid don’t you ever give up.
Powerful words that I believe don´t need explaining. Words that speak of a lioness who was once bitten but arose amidst pitch darkness, with a light from within, determined to light up the world around her and for those that can´t take it, they can only pack up and leave. Because well, her territory has now been marked.”

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