Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe

Aww! Read Dennis Itumbi’s message to Jacque Maribe even after Judge Lesiit orders she undergoes a mental assessment at Mathari hospital

‏Dennis Itumbi has reached out to his friend Jacque Maribe with an encouraging message even as she faces murder charges in the case of Monicah Kimani’s murder.

This comes at a time where Maribe has been ordered to take a mental assessment at Mathari Hospital before she takes a plea next week Monday.

Taking to his twitter he wrote

“Jacqueline Maribe, you remain in my prayers. May Justice, like many waters be done. May Monica & her family find the answers they deserve & those responsible be punished as per by law established. But may you find Justice, that you equally deserve. You got my hand of friendship.”

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Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans after he posted the above message:
colkon…Pitia Langata Women’s majioni umshow hivi

‏GeddyGedy….Love circles ,triangles and rectangulars. This one of yours has no shape

k_karware…You mean Maribe can access Twitter at Langata Prison? Just go visit,Pia leo ni Terrific Tuesday pelekea yeye Pizza.

akelooyoo…You let this woman go to wrong hands. I wished you swept her and made her your wife

Judge Lesiit orders Jacque Maribe to be taken to Mathari Hospital for mental assessment

‏itsKiragu..Choices got consequences…kama hangekuacha sai mngekuwa mnakula za Jubilee pamoja. Endelea kuomba though

bobkelvin1515….If only you proposed to her, she won’t have got in to this mess. You took so long. Ladies are like mangoes, if you wait them to ripen folks are eating them with salt.

‏joel_oyieko..A jilted lover noticed here,,u want justice for Monica’s killers yet u want Maribe out…u shall meet her at Langata Women’s Prison where she gonna live the rest of her life.

mandelaonchwati…This is fake, you are pretending while smiling Go to court tell her straight to the face juu Uko hapa juu break to DCI and steal the evidence like a real Ninja could do 🤔

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