Awuoro! Nick Cannon sent the same Valentines day gifts to three women


Nick Cannon made Valentine’s Day special for THREE women and one is pregnant with his twins.

The Valentines day for the three women created buzz because fans noticed all women were gifted the same thing.  Yes this ninja got all the babes got the same exact gifts.

His three women are Lanisha Cole, his kids’ mother Brittany Bell and another woman named Abby De La Rosa who’s currently pregnant with twins.

Lanisha shared on IG the gifts of pink and gold balloons all over her house along with red and white roses on her bed. They shared a kiss holding each other passionately while they were surrounded by white, gold, and pink helium-filled balloons on the ceiling.


Brittany Bell was also gifted a house full of balloons and roses which she also shared online. Bell, who is mom to two of Cannon’s kids, showed off her home’s corridor, which was covered in rose petals. The clip gave a run through her corridor, leading to an even more decorated space which was her bedroom.

Abby De La Rosa also got balloons and roses for Valentine’s Day because she’s currently pregnant with Nick’s twins.


Fans made sure to tag goosip site TMZ as well as Nick just to get the attention .

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