Awinja is doing something for her child that celebrity mums need to listen to

Celebrated actress Awinja of Papa Shirandula says she does not post photos of her son on social media because she is protecting him from trolls.

“As a mother, a child is very important. He is still a child and I don’t want to expose him on social media,” she told Massawe on Radio Jambo yesterday.

Jacky Vike/Awinja

She said that is giving him space to grow and make their own decisions.

“Those parents who open social media pages for their kids end up having the burden of deciding what to post on their social media,” she said. 

Awinja’s baby daddy Alfred Ngachi, a successful creative director, also prefers to keep a low profile. Awinja says the two are co-parenting and are in good terms.

Actress Jacky Vike

Asked about the wedding, Awinja said she cannot talk about when she will have one.

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