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Why you should avoid clubbing in town on Fridays

It’s Furahiday guys, that means parte after parte for many of us.

Clubs in town will be like a beehive of activity. How about you forego that favorite club in town. Don’t give me that look! I’m just proposing. Here’s why I think you need to queen your thirst back at your hood.


1) I bet you’ve been involved in a club fight at least thrice in your life. Maybe you had yours eyes on someone’s voluptuous princess.

You make your move and the next thing a bottle of alcohol has crushed your head. No man wants to feel that amount of shame.

You ordered that favorite drink thinking it costs the same as that at your Mama Awiti keg base. Shock on your red eyes! The drink costs more than your rent.

The bouncers breathing heavily like lone hippos are pressing your neck as if they want to take your life, mehn, you can’t even feel your toes.

2) You sipped more than your head would take in

The moment you realize the bartender resembles your side chick, it’s time my guy! Go home bro! That journey needs pretty much mathematics or do I say Mazimatik. Wasted like a liquor beginner you need to think of the safest, shortest route to home. Come to think of it, you walking like a zombie. The body knows its way back home! They say.

3) Everyone has that one friend who you find in your favorite clubbing joint. I call him “The Liquor Vulture” He is always waiting to sip on people’s booze. What’s annoying about him is that he dictates what drink to buy and how to share it. He can’t even put his money on getting the chaser. We all dread this friend.



4) Town clubs have this unfriendly environment. The bartender doesn’t give a hoot about you. They have to put two bouncers who occupy the whole of the entrance space. They have this grumpy dark threatening face. I just need a drink man! No trouble. The screens are boring too. It’s either football, wildlife stuff or something you totally can’t relate with. What’s great that having a personal connection with the bartender. She evens knows what you exactly sip and when to stop pouring to your glass. The TV runs both the 7p.m and 9 p.m news. What’s great than a wasted man with all the news updates both home and at international levels. I bet no amount of satisfaction beats that!


How about you pay Mama Awiti’s keg base a visit today, will you?

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