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Mishi Dorah Prays To God To Bless The Work Of Her Hands

As much as she’s a controversial lady, Mishi Dorah really never cares what people say about her. But just don’t cross her, coz she can really fight and we have...

Betty Kyallo Among The Chosen Few To Fly To Ethiopia To Pick The World Cup Trophy

We have all been eagerly waiting for The World Cup and the time is just around the corner. The World Cup will take place in Russia from June 14th to...
ringtone eating a burger

‘God Has Bigger Plans For You’ Ringtone Tells Zari

Ringtone is one guy many people consider a joker and it’s hard most times to take him seriously. Last week, he made headlines after he confessed that he wants to...

Brenda Wairimu Advices The Public On How To Have A Strong Relationship

Brenda Wairimu has been in a relationship with Juliani for years now and last year Juliani revealed that he loved her so much, he decided to put a ring on...
Kalasha Awards 2017

Philip Karanja Reveals He Was Warned About Kate That He’s Taking A Big Risk

They tied the knot last year in a colourful wedding ceremony, but Kate and Phil didn’t want it to look like a celebrity wedding, hence inviting only close friends and...
njambi koikai 1

‘My connecting flight said I have to get a medical doctor on board’ Jahmby Koikai narrates

Jahmby Koikai is a fighter and she has proved that no weapon formed against her will prosper. She has been sick for years now and finally she has flown to...
Anerlisa Muigai

This Is The Place That Brings Back Beautiful Memories For Anerlisa

She is a force to reckon with and Anerlisa Muigai is one lady who has proved that women can do right about anything and in any field and achieve their...

Aligongwa serious! Rich Kid Anerlisa Muigai paid an arm and a leg for mtumba dresses

Anerlisa Muigai shares right about anything with her followers on social media. If she discovers something new, she will definitely let you know about it, which is not a bad...
Janet Mbugua

‘It may hurt when people do you wrong,’ Janet Mbugua whispers about her experience

Not everyone has had the pleasure of a sharp knife being thrust deeply into your back. Janet Mbugua knows this and she wants to warn you.

‘You Cannot Put A Price Tag On The Value Of True Love’ Wahu Has A Message For You

Wahu has been an inspiration to many for years. Her marriage has been goals for many youngsters who look up to them. She’s one lady who rarely engages in any...

‘Stop Eating Crappy Foods’ Anerlisa Shouts, Shares Her Plans

Anerlisa Muigai is all about living a healthy life after struggling with her weight for years. If you follow her on social media, you’ll see that she always shares her...

‘Stop Wasting Your Time On Uncultured Characters’ Lillian Muli Advises

Lillian Muli has been attacked countless times on social media by keyboard warriors. She has always addressed haters who’ve tried to bring her down and one thing she’s always said...

She Doing Her Ting: This Is The New Deal Fena Gitu Has Landed

2018 has definitely started with a bang for Fena Gitu. Many artistes are always afraid of launching new songs in January, but that doesn’t apply to Fena. She recently released...
radio burial1

‘This Is Just Sad’ This Is Why There Was So Much Commotion At Radio’s Funeral

Commotion rocked the burial place for the loved vocalist Mowzey Radio, leaving some people with injuries. The commotion started when money was thrown into the grave and some of the...

I’m Looking For A Valentines Date’ This Is Neomi Nganga’s Plan For This Month

The one month that men hate the most is finally here and they are still complaining. February is the month of love, well because of Valentines Day, of course. Well,...
mowzey radio

Mowzey Radio’s Body Arrives At Its Final Resting Ground Ahead of The Burial

This week has been crazy after we received news that Mowzey Radio has passed away. Radio is said to have been involved in a fight outside a club on 23rd...

‘Zari, I’m not back with Diamond Platnumz’ – pleads Wema Sepetu while defending herself

Zari Hassan has had a rough week with photos of Diamond and Wema Sepetu together going viral. Will this reignite their beef? The Ugandan beauty seems to have made a...
Anerlisa Muigai

This Is What Anerlisa Has To Say After Makeup Artiste Shamed Her For Not Crediting Her Work

Last week, Anerlisa celebrated her star studded birthday that was attended by the who is who in the society. She looked amazing in her gold gown and her makeup was...