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Listen Up Guys: Here Are 10 Things You can Do To Look More Attractive To A Woman

It is all about the ladies. It is totally understandable that from time to time if not all the time, dudes go out of their way to look attractive to...

Kenyan Celebrities Who Pulled Off The Kitenge Look So Effortlessly (Photos)

Kitenge has always been a fashion trend that just never falls out of season. You can literally wear a kitenge print outfit anywhere and you will still rock it looking...

KOT react to the ‘suicidal’ blue whale challenge that teenagers are playing

The blue whale challenge is an online social media game that encourages participants to cut themselves every day for 50 days and commit suicide at the end. The name Blue whale...

9 Things You Are Bound To Forever Regret After Doing Them

We all have done things that make us regret why we decided to do it in the first place, knowingly or unknowingly. At the end of the day, we still...

8 Ways To Get Back Your Body In Shape After Child Birth

Child birth is a beautiful thing as it involves bringing a new life into the world. Yah well it’s not all roses. Alot of us put on the pounds and...

Check Some of These Gospel Songs That Sound Secular Rather Than Gospel

So we all have heard songs that are supposed to be gospel but end up sounding secular to a point they leave us wondering if they are really gospel songs....

7 Things You Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

We all know how awfully wrong or incredibly well a first date can go.

Starter Pack For Stylish Men! This Is What You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Listen up guys, here is a list of five accessories you should never leave the house without. So just like the ladies do when you see them carrying huge purses with...
Group of friends having fun at party --- Image by © Michael Patrick O'Leary/Corbis

5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Getting Mugged After A Night Out

The weekend is here and most of us are definitely going out. It has been a long hot week and blowing off some steam will do you some good. However, it...

Here are 10 Exciting Things You Can Do Over The Weekend

It’s Friday and yes finally, the weekend is here. We all need a little time to rest up and have some fun after a stressful and cumbersome week. A number...
Fun activities

Parents! Here Are 5 Constructive Ways Of Keeping Your Children Busy

Schools are just about to close for the April holidays. Many parents are probably conflicted about having to leave children home all day alone. Well as the saying goes, “an...
Classy outfit

Going Out? Let’s Rock The Right Outfit (Photos)

We all know there’s nothing more relaxing than a proper outing during the weekday to let off some steam and just chill. It could be dinner or a night out with...

Women Lament About The Pros And Cons Of Birth Control ( True Stories)

According to a 2016 family planning data study by Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020, six in ten married women use birth control. But this is not the case with young...

Affordable Weaves That Can Transform Your Look (Photos)

It is quite evident that women today turn to weaves to solve all their hair problems. The quality of hair one originally has does not matter when one wears a...
Ugandan Women

Dear Kenyan Women Take Lessons, Here is How Ugandan Women Treat Their Men

There is certainly a lot of buzz going around about how Ugandan women treat their men. Well most of it has to do with culture while the rest depends on...

East African Celebrities With Their Baby Bumps

Lately Women have embraced the beauty that comes with being pregnant. It’s no doubt that showing off your baby bump is trending and has become a new fashion all together....

WHAT TO WATCH: 10 Series’ You Must Definitely Check Out This Weekend

Okay so the weekend is almost here and if you’ve no plans, don’t worry I got you covered. It’s actually a solid plan for those of you who love to...

Reasons Why Young Girls Are Dating Sponsors

Why do young girls prefer to date sponsors rather than guys their own age? We ask. Well, sponsors have long existed before this generation however the term sponsors was introduced...