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Sbonza Ni Wewe! 5 compelling reasons why young girls should stay away from ‘sponsors’

Do you ever look through your Instagram feed and wonder how in the world your female pals can afford to take off to exotic holiday destinations, yet there you are...
marriage_proposal (1)

Signs that you are not ready for marriage

I know this is strange but if we can’t handle all these divorce cases after so many weddings going down every Saturday and many divorce papers being filed in court,...

Exercises to do and not do when expectant

Expectant women do exercises for various reasons but most of the time, it’s because they want the delivery process to be easy and secondly because they want to go back...
mchele being put in a drink

How to find out if your drink has been spiked and what to do

It is incredibly hard to tell if your drink has been spiked, and this leaves people open to risk as often the symptoms can be put down to drinking too much. If you have...

Ways to be a FOOTBALL girlfriend

Well ladies, I know the football season is here and you can no longer enjoy the dates, outings and attention you always get because the boyfriend, husband or partner is...
Peace Quotes, Short Peace Status

Why Kenya Should Be Peaceful During The Elections

In two weeks time, Kenyans will be heading to the ballot box to pick the leader of their choice. This choice so far has been determined with a lot of...

The way to a Kenyan man’s heart

Kenyan men are not like men from other African countries. They happen to have funny and to an extent strange needs that require some professional attention. The breed of men...
Cleaning floor using rag

A diary of a Nairobi house help

I know we have met these house managers in all forms, shapes and sizes especially if you are a mother. They are believed to have similar characters and perhaps that’s...
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Are you struggling to control your food portions? These tips may help

While we may all want to lose some calories, we don’t necesarily know how to control our food portions and end up stuffing our faces, and before you know it,...

Why you shouldn’t be so mortified about your size

Well this is not a new story but it’s a big problem as so many women go to extremes to lose weight. It simply means that most women feel embarrassed,...
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta prepares to address a news conference after attending the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) summit in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, September 13, 2016. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Do You Know The Nicknames Of Your Politicians?

Everyone loves being given a nickname at times especially if it has a good meaning. Well looking at the history of some of our politicians, we must say from their...

What To Cook Before The Maize Flour Issue Is Sorted Out

Its been more than a month and this maize flour saga doesn’t seem to be working out well. I know ugali is a must have meal in your weekly timetable...

5 Reported Hate Speech Incidences And Why It Shouldn’t Divide Kenyans During Elections

We all are victims of hate speech but when it comes to political hate speech, well its a very big deal especially as the elections are around the corner. Hate...
Ugandan Women

5 types of husbands Kenyan women have to deal with

Well some married women will have to agree with me on this and some men will take this personally but these types of husbands exist in our society. The truth...
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EAZY PEEZY! Here are six easy ways of winning your mother in laws heart..thank me later

We all know motherhood is a sacred position, so it’s natural for any woman to inwardly and sometimes outwardly express some fear about losing her son to another woman. But...

Could Ghosting Be The Best Way Of Ending A Relationship?

When you want to break up with someone, do you sit them down, call them up or text them to let them know it’s over? Does it work well for...

An open letter to all Kenyan baby mamas and the mistakes they love to make

Gospel singer Bahati is the talk of town after he revealed that he has a two-year-old daughter but has never bothered to publicly acknowledge her, yet he publicly shows off...
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Actress Mia performs at the 'porn weekender ' event in Prague
'Porn Weekender', Prague, Czech Republic - 2013
A British man is hoping to revolutionise the porn industry by making it truly interactive. Steve Steel offers 'porn weekenders' in Prague, which allow people to get up close and personal with the making of a porn film. For £999 'delegates' are provided with accommodation and taken on set for two days to see how films are made. They are then allowed to direct the actors and create whatever scenarios they like as well as use their own cameras to film and photograph everything. If they provide a health certificate they can even take part. In fact, if they successfully perform with a consenting model for two 15-minute scenes they even get paid - 200 euros for the men and 400 for the women. However, according to Steve, though there are many inquiries very few people can actual perform when required. For a further £200, the Porn Weekenders may also attend a day-long workshop on how to move into film making.

Five symptoms that you may be suffering from mental health

In this time and error we can not choose to ignore mental health issues as its a disease that needs to be treated.As if its not treated it can lead...