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An open letter to all Kenyan baby mamas and the mistakes they love to make

Gospel singer Bahati is the talk of town after he revealed that he has a two-year-old daughter but has never bothered to publicly acknowledge her, yet he publicly shows off...

Sbonza Ni Wewe! 5 compelling reasons why young girls should stay away from ‘sponsors’

Do you ever look through your Instagram feed and wonder how in the world your female pals can afford to take off to exotic holiday destinations, yet there you are...
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Actress Mia performs at the 'porn weekender ' event in Prague
'Porn Weekender', Prague, Czech Republic - 2013
A British man is hoping to revolutionise the porn industry by making it truly interactive. Steve Steel offers 'porn weekenders' in Prague, which allow people to get up close and personal with the making of a porn film. For £999 'delegates' are provided with accommodation and taken on set for two days to see how films are made. They are then allowed to direct the actors and create whatever scenarios they like as well as use their own cameras to film and photograph everything. If they provide a health certificate they can even take part. In fact, if they successfully perform with a consenting model for two 15-minute scenes they even get paid - 200 euros for the men and 400 for the women. However, according to Steve, though there are many inquiries very few people can actual perform when required. For a further £200, the Porn Weekenders may also attend a day-long workshop on how to move into film making.

Five symptoms that you may be suffering from mental health

In this time and error we can not choose to ignore mental health issues as its a disease that needs to be treated.As if its not treated it can lead...

How to save your suicidal teenager

The trending topic on social media right now is a game called blue whale, that people are saying encourages youth to commit suicide at the end of the online game....
nazlin 2017

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Nazlin Umar, the only female presidential candidate among 18 men

Just when we all thought there were only two Kenyans gunning for the Presidential seat in August, a fresh list of those who want to be our next Head of...
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LOVE WINS! Here’s A List Of Famous Kenyan Couples With A Significant Age Gap

It seems France’s President-elect Emmanuel Macron, is an inspiration to many couples. The man, who was elected yesterday as the country’s new head of state, met and fell in love...

Social smoking is as bad as habitual smoking

Are you that kind of person who loves sharing a few puffs of a cigarette with your friend or after a drink and you don’t regularly smoke? Well, I have...
Black woman putting on face lotion

Why beauty means bleached skin

I completely understand that most girls, and even some men want to be light-skinned, or as it’s popularly referred to “rangi ya thao” or ‘kutoa tint’, but we need to...

How to bring up the sex talk to your adolescent child

This week a survey was conducted that revealed that Kenyan teens want to be shown how to use contraceptives. The topic formed the morning conversation by morning Presenter Maina Kageni,...

7 things that’ll help you deal with a break up

We’ve heard a number of stories where people committed suicide or murdered their partners after they broke up with them.Others are even in jail because their anger made them commit...

Why You’ll Probably Be Single Forever If You Don’t Shut Up

Some of you are still single because you make guys and chics run away from you after the first few dates. When you open up your mouth to speak, you...

How to manage your finances as a couple

I know there couples who never tell each other how much they earn and there homes where it’s believed that the man should pay all the bills as the woman’s...

Ladies, Here Are Some Places You Shouldn’t Take Your Man

Well ladies we understand you love flaunting that man and letting the whole world know that he is yours but you need to take it easy on him and stop...

Men, This Is Why You Need To Do A Monthly Self Testicular Cancer Exam

All men should of all ages should do a self testicular exam for cancer every month.Well the need for this is to detect anything unusual that puts you at risk...

Research shows oung people spend more than 5,000 on bets

More than half of young people in Kenya are using their mobile phones to gamble. A survey done by Geopoll shows that shows that 76% of young people bet on football...
pregnant-black-woman (1)

Activities you should avoid when pregnant

The pressure to look sexy when pregnant is really high especially when we see celebrities who seem to make the nine month period so easy. However girls, it’s important to...
Woman and Man

Relationship Problems You Just Can’t Fix

Heart breaks, arguments and lies are common in relationships. For some relationships they never stop because both of you can’t do anything well together. Before you know it, everything starts...

Stop eating junk when you’re pregnant

20 percent of babies being born in Kenya are overweight and at risk of diabetes. Well this is because most pregnant women can not stop eating junk food, putting themselves...