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Mohamud Bashir

Bashir Mohamed’s widow speaks after burial of late Somali/American

Days after the burian of slain American-Somali businessman Bashir Mohamud at the Langata cemetery his widow Suala Bashir has spoken out. Basir was reported missing on May 13, he was...
William Ruto with his daughter at her engagement party

What to know about June Ruto’s grand wedding taking place in Karen today

Today, the who is who in politics and the corporate world will converge at Deputy President William Ruto Karen mansion for the exclusive wedding ceremony of his firstborn daughter June...
Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment

Simon Kabu reveals whether he would mind getting a side-chick

Celebrity couple Simon and Sarah Kabu have been setting marriage goals. Sarah is known for defending ‘goat wives’ after side chicks threaten the union of marriage. Well, a fan recently...
moran 1(1)

Actress Miss Morgan tells why Tahidi High co stars are falling on tough times

Famous actress Angel Waruinge who is known for playing the role of Miss Morgan has spoken out about the success of the show and how it led to the harsh...
Dennis Oliech

Mom’s hospital bill was around sh40 million while my brothers was sh84 million!-Dennis Oliech

Football darling Dennis Oliech has for the first time ever, spoken about why he sold most of his prime properties and apartment. In the past, gossip pundits claimed that was...

She is stylish! Comedian Jemutai proves that she has curves (Photos)

Jemutai is one of the most recognized female comediennes in town. She rose to fame after fans fell in love with her trademark jokes centering around Kibet and Korir. Since...

Akoth to Awino…List Of Luo Names And What they Signify

Luo women are the most expressive beings I know. They say it as they see it. If you don’t believe me, then you need to meet Akothee a.k.a Madam Boss...

Dress to impress! Mama Baha shows you how to be young and hype in short dresses

Wanjiru Mburu is a TV darling to many. She is known as Mama Baha for her role in the TV show Machachari. A while back, the interwebs killed Mama Baha...
Allan and Kathy Kiuna together

How the rich live! Check out this Aerial View Of Bishop Kiuna’s Palatial Mansion In Runda (VIDEO)

A video of the multi-million palatial home of Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna has leaked online. One Richard Kamau has posted an aerial video of their spiritual couple’s...

Raw and heartbreaking letter of frustrated wife in loveless marriage

Marriages are not a bed of fresh roses. The scent can be appealing and in a flash turn into a stink. One woman who is saddened by the way her...
Nancie Mwai

Wigs are bae! Youtuber Nancie Mwai shows you how to rock them

Men frown on wig-wearing women. But Nancie Mwai has changed that narrative by rocking wigs in a stylish and classy manner. The style blogger and YouTuber Nancie Mwai is one...
Nairobi City

Wacha niende hivi, nakam… Here are 40 habits that prove Nairobians are peculiar

Nairobians are special. Please DM. Wacha niende hivi, nakam… are some of the habits that are unique to Nairobians.
man slapping wife

I Was Tested By My Fiancée And I Ended Up Giving Her A Sizzling Hot Slap

I tell you people have struggles out here. A city man has confessed about how he was tested by his fiance to a point where he slapped her a gudu...
shocked meme

Hilarious photos prove why you should ALWAYS double check a picture before posting

Most social media users don’t think twice before posting their latest selfies.  But these embarrassing photos prove it is always worth double checking. People around the world were caught out...

Thitimaaaa! Here Are The 8 Most Annoying Behaviours That DJs Have In Common

The local industry is flooded with millions of celebrities and DJs are part of them. We have several young men and women who have ventured into the djing career and...

Love magic! Secret love formula between Dennis Okari and new bae

Dennis Okari popped the question on Saturday asking Joy Naomi if she would love to spend the rest of her life with him. Pundits are now drawing comparisons between his...
Alfred Keter

Proud daddy! MP Alfred Keter shows off his daughters

What a father? Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter posted photos from his weekend plans with his family. The dotting father travelled to Makueni to visit a fruit farm of a...

10 Photos Of Akothee’s Palatial Mansion That Will Make You Wonder What You Are Doing With Your Life

Madam Boss is not just a mere street moniker. She lives the lifestyle. She is the baus and a baus owns a castle where everyone calls her “madam”. Akothee is...