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Diamond with Tanasha at the event

What about Zari’s? Diamond reveals thing he would give Tanasha’s son

While known for his singing and singing and dancing prowess, Diamond isn’t exactly a contender for father of the year. Not by any means and here I am not simply...
Reginald Mengi and his wife

Reginald Mengi didn’t leave anything for his young wife, Lynn!

Weh! This is going to be quite the debate! The late Reginald Abraham Mengi had a will drawn up before he passed on. In his will, he bequeathed the grand...
monica kimani

Messages from beyond the grave: Check out the late Monica Kimani’s message about Vera Sidika

Browser history and social media accounts can come as a blessing or a curse for some especially after sudden deaths like that of Monicah Kimani. For the case of Monicah...
Kobi Kihara 4

Instagram deceit? Kobi Kihara trolled for stealing content from Pinterest

I have been forced to make my headline timid and I am unhappy about it (insert angry face). Anyway, it would seem Octopizzo is in great company when it comes...
vera sidika pregnant pic with otile

Will Vera Sidika be celebrating Mother’s Day next year? She reveals her plans to get pregnant by Otile Brown

Say what you will, Vera Sidika has landed herself quite the catch in the handsome young artist Otile Brown -pause.
maina kageni and zari

Let us celebrate Zari, the celebrity mother of the moment!

Zari is a mother of 5. Three of her children are by her first Ivan Ssemwanga and the last two are by Diamond Patnumz; the man she had a relationship...

Nairobi MCA’s demand apology from Tobiko for Sonko

Nairobi MCAs have demanded for an immediate apology from Environment CS Keriako Tobiko for disrespecting Governor Mike Sonko. On Saturday, during the national tree planting day event at the Moi...

Kenyan celebrities celebrate their mothers in touching messages

None can truly say they understand the struggles mothers endure to raise children. And the appreciation of the struggle that it took to raise them is usually heartwarming -so it is...
kim k

Kimefanya nizeeke! Kim K reveals that Kanye West made her get grey hair after his recent tirade

She revealed in a sneak peek for Friday’s Live With Kelly and Ryan she was blocked on social media – but not by Khloe Kardashian – after she commented on...
butt 2

Ladies, this is the best way to tone your butt

Madalin Giorgetta has worked extremely hard to retain her enviable physique. And now, the personal trainer, who’s famous for her ‘bubble butt’ workout, has revealed the food she eats for...

Hue and cry follow Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s innocent verdict

James Ng’ang’a might have come out from winning the biggest case of his life but it may be a Pyrrhic victory. The clamour that has ensued after he was set...

Alimony imefika Kenya! Supreme Court declares that husbands have keep paying bills for ex-wives

Women whose marriages break down have reason to smile after the Supreme Court, in a precedent-setting ruling, left intact a decision giving them the right to seek payments from their...

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen finally addresses rumours she has been fornicating with Harmonize

Nicah the queen was rumoured to have had a fling with Tanzanian star Harmonize. A claim she denied. Then photos surfaced of the pair chilling in rath cosy a manner.

Lilian Muli opens up about the process it took for her to get pregnant by Jared Nevaton

I don’t think I need to wake up Maina Kageni to tell him that the process involved sex.
maina kageni and zari

Zari’s vicious response to Ringtone will tickle you

By now you know that Zari was offered a gift by Ringtone -a car- and one would be forgiven for believing that he is actually serious about chasing after the...

Ladies, this is the easiest way to lose weight

Counting calories and reading the back of food packets in the supermarket can be a chore for dieters who feel they have to restrict what they eat. However, eating more...

Amerogwa! John Mututho bewitched by gospel singer, first wife claims

John Mututho may have been the most disliked man in Kenya when his infamous/famous “Mututho” laws came into effect a couple of years back. Which year, I don’t know and don’t...

Drinking alcohol regularly can take off years off your life

Regularly drinking above the UK alcohol guidelines can take years off your life, according to a major report.