Auntie mashakura to auntie wa harrier: 4 types of aunties we all have

They form part of our extended family. We have the ones we like and others who “damu yetu haisikazani” as we Kenyans refer it. Here’s my list of the type sof Aunties we all encounter

1. Auntie mashakura


We all have that auntie who controls matters regarding the kitchen. They cook terrible food and always order around people. They are dramatic women and easily pick fights with other people. I don’t need to talk about how plum they are. They can never buy any other person’s idea on anything regarding cooking.

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2. Auntie wa harrier

They are the aunties mostly married off to rich men cum uncles. How most of them drive a Toyota Harrier is something I’ll need to research on. They brag about their lifestyle and can easily mess up with your self esteem. It’s no secret they are always cheating on their husband with campus kids. They are into other people’s private business always wanting to know what they are up to lately.

3.  Auntie socialite

They are the social media gurus. Their life is all about the gram. They wear skimpily and look unbothered by the eyes they get from the rest of the family member.


They are the laziest and would rather have their faces glued on those big smartphone screens rather than attending to house chores. They take up the easiest chores to do.

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4. Party monster

They happen to be the funniest aunties one can have and they are easy to bond with. They love the booze and they are the least available at night. They always find a way to sneak out and go a drinking spree.

party freak

They are the most loving aunties and fun to hang around. They treat their nephews and nieces with niceties. If you want to have a favor done, just buy them some liquor and everything will be handled.

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