‘My aunt is black mailing me to sleep with her’ Cries shocked city woman

A Kenyan woman has found herself in hot soup after she fell into temptation and ended up in bed with her aunt.

Now her aunt is blackmailing her.

*Mary* says that her decision to confess to her aunt about her past has left her in a really dark place.

I feel so sad right now over what I did. I’ll cut the story short. I’m a lady, and while I was in the university I was a bis3xual.

I stopped before I graduated because I knew it was a sin.
After school I came to stay with my mother’s younger brother and got really close to his wife who’s a medical doctor and very beautiful.

‘He married someone else after I paid off his 3 million debt,’ cries betrayed city woman

 She adds

We got talking on a particular day my uncle traveled and I told her about my past in uni.

After that I noticed she started getting really close to me asking me for massages and asking me to sleep in her room with her as she was lonely all through the period my uncle traveled.

Mary adds that she gave in to temptations and ended up in bed with her uncles wife, something she deeply regrets.

One thing led to the other and we had same [email protected], and it continued even when my uncle returned. She’ll sneak into my room at night and when we’re done she’ll go back.

Then it became to often and she started doing it bravely without even being scared that my uncle might catch us. She comes in at 11pm and Stays till like 4am, after drugging my uncle so that he sleeps off.

In conclusion Mary adds

Now I want to stop it and she’s telling me she’ll tell my uncle that I came on to her and forced her to sleep with me .I’m so worried. Please how do I handle this?

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