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AUDIO: Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat admits he feels pressure to lose weight

DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid were in studio Sunday where Sports anchor Nick Mudimba interviewed the two on topical matters.

DK is on several press junkets to promote his new song ‘Kijana wa Kayole’. Watch the vidsuals ot the song below.

Dk Kwenye Beat has been the subject of trolls for a while now over weight issues. Fans and haters alike are telling him to hit the gym, saying his huge stomach should be of concern to him.

princefrankwilson….s#kijanawakayole aende gym asap

namsrobina…That kitambo though 😱

black_ian254…Loving Dk songs..gym ndo uende😁😁

shiru4585…No Comment uuuiii…

juanita_marville…Kata hiyo tumbo mbaya bwana

zebraajames…Big joke. Hiyo kitu niyakufichwa bana. Siuwachane na chakula?

He has indicated he will respond in his own time, what he is going to do about it.

Well Classic’s Nick Mudimba caught up with the musician and interviewed him about hitting the gym now that he has been body-shamed, and his 2018 plans for music.

Nick: It’s been a long journey for you and I can see you have brought along Hopekid. Big Up. What’s happening Hopekid?

Hopekid: unajua alikuwa amepotea kwa hii industry. So hakuwa anakumbuka wasee wengine. Naenda nikimkumbusha.

Nick: so nigospel munaimba sindio? Kijana wa Kayole is an amazing song, and of course you’ve been trying to give us some tidbits about it. Tell us about it.

DK: This is a song that people should know where I’m coming from. And also to motivate and encourage the guys from that area. You know they are committed into drugs and such, but the good thing is that you can make it in life, without going the other side of it, but in the right way. So me being one of them, it’s just something that shows that you can make it.

Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat releases new song as he anticipates addressing weight gain issues

Nick: ati watu wanasema ati DK aende gym, DK ainue chuma. All these things bwana. Gym gani utaenda, gym gani itakuweza?

DK: Unajua kila mtu akona different view on kila mtu ako na weight, nini, and you know the best thing my fans wanaona maybe inaweza affect my health na vitu kama hizo. But kama kitu hamjui ni niko mzuri sana.

Nick: One thing people don’t know is that nimekaa na DK kwa hoteli and and it’s not business as usual, things happen, things happen my friend

DK: unachoma Nick, …moves food eh?

Nick: so DK what next for you?

DK: I thnk what I can tell my fans is the best is yet to come. But this year it will be back to back. You know, I’ve been quiet for sometime, but I’m back now.

Nick: What do you think about the current crop of gospel artistes?

DK: I think to be honest maybe we’ve lost it one way or another.

Nick: are you one of them?

DK: I cannot say they have lost it, coz I’m still in the same generation, so we’ve lost it in one way or another. But the good thing is that people have realised and we are back on course and we’re ready to transform the gospel to the next level.

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