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Si Atwoli pekee! Kenyan polygamous relationships that have ended acrimoniously

Polygamy was made legal in 2014 when Uhuru Kenyatta signed the controversial marriage bill. The law made legal what was already being done traditionally for eons.

We here at Classic105 decided to look at the most acrimonious polygamous relationships in Kenya’s history:

They are:

Francis Atwoli

Francis Atwoli is the flavour of the month. The man who is the long-serving COTU secretary general for a long time. But his home theatrics have made him the talk of the town with many. It recently emerged that he had kicked out his second wife and their 13-year-old son from their Kileleshwa home in Nairobi.

Atwoli's second wife Roselinda
Atwoli’s second wife Roselinda

Roselinda Atwoli yesterday filed a complaint with police. She narrated how a visit to see their son on Tuesday evening degenerated into a furious exchange of words, culminating in her being forced out of the house together with the boy at 7 pm. The two acquired the apartment in 2006.


Walter Mongare got two children with Tusker Project Fame winner Linda Muthama. The former Redikyulass member already had a wife at this point and Linda was his second. The relationship lasted fpr 10 years with Linda finally calling it quits in 2015.

Walter Mongare
Walter Mongare and Linda Muthama

She confessed to Drum magazine that being a second wife was hard and that she felt lonely.

Danson Mungatana

The former high-flying political bigwig was involved with Former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi while still married to television personality Mwanaisha Chidzuga.


Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Danson Mungatana

The two (Danson and Cecilia) even had a baby girl together. This fact did not the two closer together, it even made their relationship more strained.

Cecilia Mwangi
Cecilia Mwangi

From Cecilia saying that a wedding was on the cards to Danson does not provide for their child, Cherise. Talk about a brutal about-turn.

Gerishon Kirima 

The former MP Gerishon Kirima was a wealthy man, with an estimated wealth of Sh750 million shillings. Drama pitting the Kirima family started about five months before he died in 2010, when daughters from the first wife stormed his home in Kitisuru and demanded that he be taken to hospital.

Teresia Kirima
Teresia Kirima-The second wife

After many fruitless attempts, they were able to get senior government officials to intervene and have him taken to Nairobi hospital.

Once at the hospital, members of Kirima’s first wife sealed all the entries to the hospital to block Mr Kirima’s third wife Teresia, son and daughters from visiting him.

Teresia then moved to court to seek orders to see her husband but it was too late as he had already been flown out to the United Kingdom for treatment. He later died in a South African hospital.

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