Allan Kiuna

Why is God not healing you?! Atheist Harrison Mumia asks Allan Kiuna

Bishop Allan Kiuna has been battling cancer, that we know. The cleric’s wife Cathy revealed a bit more about his condition this week, explaining a whole lot about the painful experiences that he had gone through.

While many might have felt empathy for the bishop’s plight, some like the Atheist In Kenya Society President, Harrison Mumia isn’t.

The man has launched a scathing attack on Bishop Allan Kiuna, mocking him for suffering from cancer. In a press statement released by the society, Mumia dared the bishop to seek divine healing from above and prove the existence of the God he served.

‘People who believe God exists are lost’ Shouts Atheist president Harrison

He also wondered why Kiuna was spending a lot of money seeking treatment. He pondered,

We have learnt, with some sadness that Bishop Allan Kiuna has been diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing medication for the better part of the year. We wish him recovery and good health. However, as a society, we are compelled to question whether prayer actually works. Bishop Kiuna and the wife, Kathy have been preaching about a God who purportedly heals diseases. The fact that Bishop Kiuna is suffering from cancer, which we know not to have a cure, is evidence that prayers don’t work. It is evidence that God doesn’t exist. That miracle healing is a scam.

Allan Kiuna
Allan Kiuna

The man went ahead to allege that the cleric had gained his massive wealth through fraud and malice.

Kiuna has made millions through the prosperity gospel by lying to vulnerable Kenyans that through the power of Jesus Christ and prayer, claiming that Kenyans can get of solutions their problems, including financial breakthroughs, businesses, marriages and sicknesses. Many pastors are employing the same tactics to make quick money. We caution Kenyans against parting with their hard-earned money on account of ‘planting a seed’. Why is this mighty God not healing the good Bishop of cancer? Why is Bishop Kiuna spending time in hospitals instead of just praying for healing?

Two months ago, the Society urged Deputy President William Ruto to extend the generosity he had shown to churches to their causes as well.

Harrison Mumia
Harrison Mumia

In a statement to newsrooms, the society’s chairperson, Harrison Mumia, noted that Ruto had donated millions of shillings to various churches across the county and his support would be greatly appreciated in their functions.

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