Atemi Oyungu

I wrote “Nairobi” while listening to Miriam Makeba-Atemi says of her favourite song

The lovely Atemi Oyungu sat down and gave a wonderful interview this week. The singer with the vocal cords of an angel was candid and open about her musical journey.

I enjoy doing many different types of music. Initially, I started out doing R and B with a group called N2 and that genre was the in thing. After I met Allan Rimbui is when we started experimenting with different styles of music, with one of them being neo-soul. I loved neo-soul so much because it was heavily influenced by R and B which I love but also has hip-hop and jazz influences in it. At the moment I am doing a bit of Afro-pop. 

Atemi also revealed her most memorable song so far in her impressive career. She said;

“My most sentimental song was Nairobi. I wrote it when I was listening to Miriam Makeba and I called my mom for some of the Luyha translations in it. I look back on the song and I am proud of myself.”

And on the different types of music in Kenya at the moment? Atemi defended gengetone (Which gets a lot of hate from musical purists) saying that she loved listening to the style of music. She admitted that although she couldn’t perform that style of music, that doesn’t mean that all genres of music shouldn’t be allowed to be explored fully. “There is room for all different styles of music.”

The singer who like many before started singing publicly in church at the age of 10 will be performing this Sunday 22nd November, at the Oyster Bay Lounge, Jazz comes alive with the Classic 105 & Smooth FM Acoustic Brunch, Bubbly and Jazz!

The singer was so jazzed about the event especially because she could perform in front of a live crowd in a year where shows and concerts have been all but curtailed due to Covid-19. She said;

I’m actually pretty excited about this show tomorrow…in front of real actual people!!! 💃🏾I hope you can be there too…we will be safe and observe all Covid 19 safety protocols. So come with your bubble people to brunch and Champagne. Let’s have a lovely, social distanced but delicious time together ❤️. Come to the event. There will be champagne, we will allow requests. We have had a tough year. Come with the person you care about and you will enjoy yourself.

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