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‘At some point I felt like my daughter hated me,’ Terryanne Chebet narrates

Former news anchor Terryanne Chebet has expressed how tough it is bringing up a daughter who is a teenager.

Speaking in a radio Interview, the mother of two says that at some point, she felt like her daughter did not love her.

She was around 11 years or 12 years. Terryanne said that she was even forced to involve her baby daddy in raising her.

‘When my daughter turned 11 years, I used to feel like she hates me. she was completely different.

I realised that I needed her dad more in her life than ever before. That is exactly what I did.

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Terryanne Chebet with her two kids
Terryanne Chebet with her two kids

Terryanne added that she made her daughter comfortable with her dad’s family.

She is turning 15 years this year and they are currently on good terms and very free with each other

I think the more people you have in life, godmother, aunts. girls need as many influencers around them as a teenager. that is what exactly I did by involving his family side to feel she is in a family so she knows that if she lets me down, she lets everyone down. Talking to her as much as possible and now she is very comfortable with me. She is turning 15 years and it is not easy, as the mother you have to keep talking to her. She should make her comfortable to talk to you.

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