Aspiring footballer jailed for 12 years for using his car as a weapon to run over two women

An aspiring professional footballer was on Friday jailed for 12 years for mowing down two women outside a nightclub.

Talented sportsman McCauley Cox, 19, was aiming his car ‘as a weapon’ at an unidentified man who had been fighting his friend Ben Thomas.

However Cox ploughed into friends Sophie Poole and Emma Nicholls at 5.30am while they were waiting for a taxi home outside Courtyard nightclub in Newport, South Wales on April 29.

The two women, both 23, were crushed under his Ford C Max and suffered horrendous burns and injuries across their bodies.

Judge Daniel Williams told Cox: ‘You subjected the girls to a terrifying attack. Both were seriously injured and both have suffered significant psychological harm.’

He said Cox had driven over the women twice and reversed over them twice before driving off at a great speed.

He said: ‘Footage of the incident is truly horrifying, you changed the lives of these two young women.

‘You are without doubt a dangerous young man and have no remorse for what you did.’

Newport Crown Court heard that before the attack Cox had been an aspiring footballer with the potential to play professionally.

But Cox was aiming to run over a man fighting with his friend Ben Thomas outside the nightclub in the early hours.

Prosecutor James Wilson said: ‘He deliberately drove a car at a man with the intention to cause really serious harm.

‘At the time he was fighting with a friend. The man managed to get out of the way of the oncoming vehicle.’

But the court heard Miss Poole and Miss Nicholls were sat on the kerb after a night in the Courtyard nightclub in Newport, South Wales.

Mr Wilson said: ‘They could not get out of the way of the defendant who ran them over.

‘They were the ones who suffered the really serious injuries instead.’


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