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As A Woman You Should Possess These Traits

As a woman there are certain traits that you should have. The society is harsh to women more than it is to men. As a woman it is nearly impossible not to have one or two guys looking to get your attention, you will want to impress even instances where you are not interested.
Here are some of the traits that all women should have no matter who’s watching.

1. Confidence – The way you think of yourself will radiate on those who look at you from the outside. It is important to believe in yourself and your capabilities. Show people you can get things done and that you don’t always have to rely on others for support.

2. Intelligence – A woman who can hold a conversation and knows her stuff well is forever attractive. Being able to express your opinion while being midful of others will always take you places. Be in the know of things that happen around you.

3. Kind heart – A kind heart is something that even children will be attracted to. It shows your regard for others and radiates everywhere you go. It also makes you stand out from the crowd.

4. Sense of humour – Have a good laugh..life is too serious not to joke around. Poke someone , discuss things , have fun while at it and eat life with a big spoon.

5. Loyalty – Being and staying true to friends, family and those around you will take you places. It will also earn you a place in the hearts of many as they will look at you as a support system.

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