Artists gather to fund raise for Akuku Danger’s hospital bill

Different artists in the entertainment industry gathered on Thursday evening at the Kenya National Theatre to fund raise for comedian Akuku Danger.

Akuku has been hospitalized at the Nairobi West for weeks after his lung collapsed, and has since accumulated a bill amounting to millions.

Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger

The comedian’s friend Sandra Dacha revealed that he is well but can only be discharged if a bill of Ksh 2 million is paid.

Dacha thanked fans for helping settle Ksh 2 million that was also needed for the comedian to be treated. Speaking to this writer, the actresss said,

‘We have a target of 2 million without it he cannot leave the hospital. I urge people to help get the remaining 2 million so that he does not get an infection.He is  now healed and we thank God for that.

The fans did such a fantastic job, they have so far contributed 2 million. I did not see such generosity when Othuol Othuol needed help.

The fans have been such a blessing.’

The pay bill number to the fundraiser is 891300.

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