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Are you guilty of this? Confessions about texting the ex during quarantine

If coronavirus has you texting exes you never thought you’d want to talk to again, you’re not alone.

Blame self isolation.

Lotsa of people are confessing they are doing so. It boils down to a craving for affection and attention as we self isolate.

‘I miss the hugs and the kisses…’ Betty Kyallo on what she misses

Do you really want to rekindle a flame that burned out for a reason? I don’t have the answer, I can’t relate.


Pregnancy can’t keep a man – Diamond’s mum’s advise to women

Here are confessions about rekindling things with an ex:

Feel like texting my ex Woozy face

Just texted my ex “Ayo be safe out there, even tho we aren’t together i still care about you and your fams wellbeing”

why is my ex still simping over me when he literally broke up with me b*tch get over yourself i was too good for you anyways
Remember when you thought you would die when your ex left you? Look at you now, ready for your next heartbreak.

Who else has a long list of ex lover’s with a blank space wanna write some one on t….

Also, if you are one of my ex’s… This is a chance for redemption! We know it’s your fault. And that’s okay. We all make mistakes. I will take you back if you can pay me for time wasted …. Thx.

Quarantine got me in my feelings so I sang a song dedicated to my ex. (There’s another one but it’s too long for Twitter)

‘A married woman told me to stop sleeping with people’s husbands,’ Actress Njambi narrates

my ex has been texting me all night

why are all of my ex’s hitting me up

i really just swiped right on my ex tonight

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