Are you getting married? Weddings trends to look out for in 2019

We all love weddings and the vibes that come along with it. The glam, the glitz, the mood and of course the bride’s dress. Wedding parties always call for celebrations.

Now, if your are planning on getting married this year, here are some of the trends you should look out for.

1. Cathedral veil

Wedding veil

Cathedral veils have become the latest trends in weddings. Ladies, if you are getting married this year, this is should be in your bucket list. You won’t go wrong with a long veil.

2. Mermaid Wedding gown


Wedding 1

A mermaid gown will definitely show off your beautiful body. Something else that will work in your favor is the dress detail and its upper design. Apart from the groom, everyone else awaits the bride in her beautiful dress. And it gets people talking and complimenting her. You don’t want to disappoint.

3. Wedding colors


Wedding colour

Simplicity is key. Quiet colors are the bomb dot com currently. Nude especially has been embraced widely in weddings.

4. Natural hair


Wedding hair

Working with your natural hair is much easier. You can be sure that your natural hair wont let you down. Spice it up with a shiny head piece or even a crown. That is the only day you will wear a crown and it wont be awkward

4. Nude Make up


Wedding makeup

You don’t want to look ridiculous on your wedding day. Simple nude make up will enhance your beauty and you wont look like your make up is overdone. Again, simplicity is key. What makes everything go wrong is using the wrong shade of foundation. Make sure you are comfortable with your makeup.








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