Are You A Social Media Stalker?

Stalking is defined as the willful and repeated following, watching and/or harassing of another person. Sometimes it’s physical but other times it is virtually via Social Media, Texts, Calls etc.

With that being said do you think or would you call yourself a Social Media stalker? Do you often check on people you know via the internet and get all the information you can about them? No? Ok .

I’m not calling you a stalker but if you  have ever checked on someone after a date, googling  someone and getting every little info about them, then you my friend are a stalker. You still disagree? Check this out then confirm for yourself:

1. Be it for work of personal reasons you make sure that before meeting the you get all your facts about them right, even if that means going through all their pictures thousands of pictures one-by-one.

2. You even help your friends/siblings to help them stalk their potential boyfriends/girlfriends and come up with new stalking techniques.

3. The moment you meet someone new you come back home and quickly start your research on all social media sites.

4. You are always upgrading your phone with latest apps that can connect you to people on all social networking sites.

5. You like all pictures of your crush and try and post comments on the pictures where he is with a common friend thinking that he might end up sending you a friend request.

6. You don’t hold yourself back while creating a fake account with adding hot pictures in it just to test your boyfriend’s real love for you.

7. Blocking makes you feel stronger and unblocking someone on their request just makes you feel like the powerful monarch.


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