Are You a SINGLE Mother And ASHAMED Of Your Status? Akothee Has Some Encouraging Words For You

Flamboyant singer and businesswoman Akothee is a budding mother to 5 children, three girls and two boys who are all from different fathers.

Akothee, real name, Esther Akoth is very proud that she’s a single mother and is never shy to admit that her children don’t all come from one man.

Akothee got her three daughters from her first marriage back in the day, after giving herself to a man to help her mother with finances, a decision which she later regretted as the man became violent and abusive.

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The hardships pushed Akothee to walk out of the marriage so that she could fend for herself and the girls and years later, she has turned out to be the wealthiest entertainer in the Kenyan music industry.

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Akothee admits that she’s still in contact with the fathers of her two boys, a Swiss and a Frenchman.

The Sweet Love hitmaker was set to get married to another Swiss man back in 2016, but things didn’t go as planned after losing her twins when she collapsed at a Geneva train station, and that relationship seems to have hit a dead end.


The AFRIMMA winner has decided to give a word of advice to other single mothers out there, encouraging them not to be ashamed of showing off their children, at the same time urging them not to be dumping  their children with their grandparents, while they live a lavish lifestyle in the city alone.

Daddy I saw you on social media with a beautiful family , you have already moved on , how about us ? mummy I saw you on the newspaper you just bought yourself a new car , well, we are still at grandmothers place where you left us , the only problem is our shoes dont fit anymore & grandma aint feeling well , nobody to cook for us , daddy /mummy think about us, where did we go wrong , what did we do to you ? as a mother you have no choice but to carry their hearts in your hand , same way you were patient for 9 months , aise dont mind peoples opinion , they dont even know who their father is self

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Akothee also tells single mothers not to let a man use them just because they can’t date a woman with a child, saying that it’s better being a single mum than having a family where the kids don’t feel the parent’s presence.

Any man who tells you he cant date a woman with children ! that shit is not ment for you , he wants to use you ,enjoy your goodies & leave , dont be afraid of your status , carry your children like a necklace, the most precious one , sing about your children in his ears until it becomes a house anthem , show love to your children & the rest will follow suit , kama ngumu kanyaga frame.

Mrs Alone I come with a set of 5 #teambigfive, let me see how many we are here tag me your team #singlemothers rock. Dont forget there are families with both dad & mom living under the same roof but the kids dont feel their presence, this is worse than toucher , aise its either you are on the left or on the right , this is dangerous , #thefearoftheunkown. let me see my WCW . today am talking to women only


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