Are Single Women Unfit For Dating or Marriage?

Based on a recent article on one of the dailies, people have given very harsh comments about single mothers and the reasona why they are unfit to be dated.

According to the article, the rate of single parents has increased in Kenya and the highest number of single parents happen to be women.

Some of the comments given include, single mothers  are let overs, unwanted, and their success is  attributed to their ex husbands.

These women are run-marriageable, un-dateable, and they depend on men for money etc.

Some of the women say that they are single parents by choice, but for some it is because their men left.

It has also been said that it is easier for a single man with a child  to remarry but not a single mother

I think it is a little bit harsh for people to judge single mothers because it is hard enough to be a parent and it’s especially harder when you are raising a child alone with no help.

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