Pastor Madubuko and Kosgei

Are Kenyan men losing their women to West African’s

In our morning conversation with Maina and Mwalimu king’ang’i a Nigerian man called opposing yesterday’s discussion HERE on how a real man treats a lady. He had the perfect description of a real man. A real man is humble, respectful, sets a good foundation for his children and talks to his wife with respect.

A Kenyan man who called in right after described the man as weak. He said the West African was wasting his time advising Kenyan men. The man even went ahead and compared women to donkeys who need a little kick because they appreciate more, work better when beaten on their buttocks .

Kenyan men went up in arms against this guy. They describe the man as just smooth talking but no action which is the case with all the men from West Africa. Apparently the number of Kenyan women going after men from West Africa is negligible. We all remember how Kenyans reacted when Emmy Kosgei married Nigerian Pastor  Anslem Madubuko.

Are Kenyans losing their women to West Africa? What is it with men from that region that drives women crazy. Follow the interesting discussion below and give your sentiments.

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