Are Kenyan Men Being Treated Unfairly Or Do They Complain Too Much Because They Are Lazy? (AUDIO)

On the Classic 105 morning conversation, Larry Asego talked about men being treated unfairly, in regards to a real life experience from a taxi driver.

According to Larry, this is how it all started;

“Yesterday I was traveling in a cab and the driver recognized me asking if I’m from Classic 105. When I confirmed that I was indeed Larry, he went on to narrate to me his personal experience about how he thinks Kenyan men.

He gave the example of how he earns only Sh38,000 and after expenses, he is left with about 5k, meanwhile, his woman who also works is not paying bills. He got emotional saying he feels bad hearing Kenyan men being called lazy.”


This got the radio presenter interested to know if there are any other men out there who are going through this and if women thought that there were too hard on their men.

Larry continued; “He made several points that Kenyan men are being taken for granted. Are we unfairly treating men, and could we be asking too much from them?”

This particular conversation came up from a recent discussion where he asked women if they could lower their standards to secure a relationship.

Well, a lot of male listeners called in and expressed their struggles when it comes to being bread winners and financial issues, and how women don’t recognise their efforts.

But in the same breath, there were men who did not agree with this, saying that a man should work hard for his family and that they shouldn’t complain.




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